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Here we are alone, miles away from everything and everyone, and I can't help but think...

You have some real issues, ya know?

Emma: Ok people are staring at me.
Laurel: It's probably that "A" you got on your history final. Or that your boyfriend just got arrested for murder.

Emma: I trust Ethan.
Mads: That's great...
Emma: What?
Mads: I'm just wondering if you can trust Sutton.

I'm not Sutton Mercer!!!

We just found out that Annie Hobbs isn't our mother and you're asking me about a blouse?

So you're not just kicking me out of your house, you're kicking me out of your life?

You have so much and you take it for granted!

I don't wanna talk about this. This back and forth, being two people, it's exhausting. I'm gonna lose it.

You think she's dead, don't you...

Hell hath no fury like a twin scorned.

Emma: You're a vindictive bitch.
Sutton: Gosh there's that twin thing again! I was about to say the same exact thing.

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You definitely got the smart half of the embryo.


I always say that "Hope is grief's best music."


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