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So God makes it rain frogs? That just seems kind of mean to frogs, Kyle!

Mr. Billings: Our entire business is based on fun and safety!
Cartman: This isn't safe or fun!

Those cryptozoologists don't know what they're talking about. They just gave me a case of the Hebrew-jeebies, that's all

What you're looking at there is a Jewpacabra. It's like a sasquatch, only more elusive, more ferocious, and a little more greedy.

You can't scare a Jewpacabra! Don't forget Butters, we're dealing with a creature that drinks blood, hides in the night, and has no belief in the divinity of Christ.

Saying something is so 2000 and anything is so 2009, you asswipe!

We got crappy jewelry, now all we need are some old people.

You may suck our collective balls, sir.

Toilet time is the last bastion of American freedom.

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