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Vince: You're trying to mess up my future.
Coach Taylor: There you go running that mouth again, you wanna try for two weeks?

You're benched for Friday.

Coach Taylor [to Vince]

Get the hell out of my fieldhouse right now.

Coach Taylor

You're knocking on the wrong doors.

Coach Taylor [to Vince]

If I were you I'd get in the car right now.

Coach Taylor [to Derek]

We're not playing this game in the stands, understand? Forget about that crap. This game happens on the field.

Coach Taylor

It needs to be shut down. I know you can do that, shut it down. Y'all wanna go after someone? Go after me, don't go after my players.

Coach Taylor

Colonel, what you doin' with that shotgun??

Coach Taylor

Let me tell you something, it's every coach's dream to experience the highest level of idiocy that his team can muster and gentlemen, collectively us coaches, we are living a dream.

Coach Taylor

Hastings Ruckle: Coach are we there yet?
Coach Taylor: Nope, but we're getting there. Slowly but surely we're getting there.

Stay away from dumb gentlemen.

Coach Taylor

I wanna go to the playoffs this year, you wanna come with me?

Coach Taylor
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Friday Night Lights Quotes

Billy: Texas Forever.
Tim: Texas Forever.

Got any more room on that bus?


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