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You're gonna miss getting to know your grandsons, which sucks, because we're pretty amazing.

I'm going to propose to Paige

Evan: You're talking to Evan R. Lawson right now. Discretion is my middle name.
Hank: So that's what the R. stands for.

You're the only one not secure in this relationship and you're not even in the relationship

By the way could you tell Jill to leave the toilet seat up when she's done? A little respect would be awesome.

You really think tossing in Yoplait is going to quell Mt. Vesuvius?

Evan: You're going to start cashing all your checks now aren't you?
Divya: I'm afraid so.
Evan: Now I'm sad.

But you're an over-accessorized volcano waiting to erupt.

Talk about how you're a poor little orphan girl roaming the streets...dressed in Dulce and Gabana...

You know what, she may not be the expert in romantic communication, that's okay, I happen to be. Yeah, I'm, uh, gonna go write her an email that she will never delete.

Hank: It looks like Summer has arrived.
Evan: Her name is Divya.

Newburgh: Your father called form prison.
Evan: Well, that's a fun segue.

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