What you call discretion I call obstruction of a criminal investigation.

Frankie: Not the type of guy you want to bring home to mother.
Maura: Not ever his mother.

Frankie: He didn't seem too shaken up over his boss' death.
Korsak: Which means he's either guilty or he's a 20-year-old street kid who keeps his emotions to him self. I think we should probably figure out which it is.

They seem nuts until the shit hits the fan and then we all come running to them for toilet paper.

Frankie: Now I can stop being nice to you for no reason.
Jane: Oh, yeah I wouldn't want you to develop any bad habits.

I was a hockey player. It only hurts when it's a compound fracture.

Maura: Thanks for holding my hands today.
Frankie: Any time.

Tommy: She's hot and smart and has got a great ass but Frankie she's like our sister.
Frankie: She didn't feel like my sister when I had my hands on her.

Jane: Why are you yelling?
Frankie: Because I didn't want to scare you.

The human body holds six quarts of blood. There's about five of it on the ground.

Frankie: Does she know how hot she is?
Frost: Why don't you go tell her?

Jane: I don't know what to do, do you?
Frankie: Beat him senseless.