Nick: Well if my goal this morning was to gross you out and then disfigure you...
Gail: You are doing so good.

Chloe: You're like a terrible person.
Gail: Like I haven't heard that before.

Andy: Anything in the trunk.
Gail: No, just a teenage boy.
Andy: What?

Traci: Ten more hours and you'll be popping tents and sleeping under the stars.
Gail: Being mauled by bears.

Gail: It brings out the mean girl in me.
Traci: Everybody brings out the mean girl in you.

Call the police, I've found caught a stalker. Third time this week.

Everyone needs a name. Even in death. Even in your urn.

I'm really hungry and I want to get drunk.

You've already left me twice and if you ever get shot and die I'll never forgive you.

When my partner leaves you never really quite know if he's coming back.

Nick: How long are you going to stay mad.
Gail: Six months. Six months!

Yeah well. Us is fine because us is amazing.

Rookie Blue Quotes

Sam: We make a good team you and me.
Andy: What are you saying?
Sam: Just what I said. What do you mean?
Andy: Nothing.

You know it's real when she makes you better.