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IZZIE: "So the beer’s coming at 7:00 and some of the floor nurses are bringing wine."
CRISTINA: "You invited nurses? Ugh."
GEORGE: "Did you clear this with Meredith?"
IZZIE: "A few more people isn’t going to make a difference. Okay? A party’s a party."
CRISTINA: "The bigger the party the less time for bad sex with the hockey player."
IZZIE: "Would you stop saying that."

GEORGE: "Who else did you invite?"
CRISTINA: "Izzie, we said the list was jocks only. Surgery, Trauma, Plastics. Who else?"
IZZIE: "Just some people from Peds."
CRISTINA: "You invited the preschoolers to Meredith’s house. The next thing you’ll say is you invited the shrinks."
IZZIE: [looks away]
CRISTINA [Izzie looks away]: "She invited mental defects. This party’s DOA."

GEORGE: "By the way, uh ... Sorry you had to see that little scene earlier."
PATIENT: "Oh, you mean the talk with the girl who isn't your girlfriend about the girl who you'd like to be your girlfriend?"
GEORGE: "Yeah."
PATIENT: "So is it true? Do you like this Meredith?"
GEORGE: [pauses] "I love her."
PATIENT: [smiles] "Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, they just can't love you back in the same way. Believe me, son. Living with a woman who can't love you back? Way lonelier than being alone."

IZZIE: "I'm telling you, Meredith was all over him."
CRISTINA: "Seriously, she was all over him? What, like mounting him, with all the babies watching? Seriously?"
IZZIE: "Well, she would have if I hadn't interrupted."
GEORGE: "She was talking to him."
IZZIE: "You don't talk to bastards who cheat on their girlfriends, George. That's the rule."
GEORGE: "You weren't officially his girlfriend."
IZZIE: "That's not the point."
GEORGE: "It is kind of the point. You don't see me getting all emotional over people I'm not dating."
IZZIE: "Really. You wanna go there?!"
GEORGE: [pauses] "No."
IZZIE: "I'm having a moment here. Don't mess with me!"
CRISTINA: "You're not going to have a nervous breakdown and kill yourself, are you?"
IZZIE: "No."
CRISTINA: "So, there's no chance you'll kill us?"
IZZIE: [storms off]
GEORGE: [tries to hide smile] "Okay, that was wrong on so many levels."
CRISTINA: "But it was good though?"
GEORGE: [laughs] "Yeah, it was."
CRISTINA: [laughs]

OLIVIA: "He dumped me for a girl he knows he can't have. Listen to me George. You, Meredith Grey? Never going to happen."
GEORGE: "Why, why, why would you even... why? Meredith?"
OLIVIA: [storms out]
GEORGE: [to patient] "She gave me syphilis."

GEORGE: "Why Alex? And why again?"
OLIVIA: "People get lonely, George."

[to himself] "Of course. Crazy nature man! Wants to take a leech home as a pet."

OLIVIA: "I'm sorry, I still get a little squeamish around leeches."
GEORGE: "Huh. That's not what I've heard."

"A dog is not a replacement for a human being!"

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