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GEORGE: "You know, you can't say that you weren't warned. Alex has always been Alex."
MEREDITH: "You dodged a bullet, Izz. You're better off without him."
CRISTINA: "Why are you even surprised? You sleep with a snake, you get bit."
IZZIE: "Thanks, guys... for the support."

IZZIE: [about Alex] "He's unbelievable. I'm so glad I never slept with him. Which is his loss. Because I'm really good in bed. Mind blowing. Mind-blowingly good in bed."
CRISTINA: "Are you trying to seduce us?"
IZZIE: "And he sleeps with Olivia, instead of me. Olivia?!"
GEORGE: "Hey, I slept with Olivia."
IZZIE: "Well, then you both have bad taste."

GEORGE: "She just smiled at me!"
IZZIE: "A, this is not a competition. And B? My quint kicks your quints' asses."

IZZIE: "Before, when you said, 'I am not your sister,' did you think I was emasculating you?"
GEORGE: "No. I'm too masculine to be emasculated."
IZZIE: "I'm sorry."
GEORGE: "Guess you put Dr. Model to rest?"
IZZIE: "Guess I did."

IZZIE: [to Mer] "He didn't buy them."
MEREDITH [to George] "You didn't buy them?"
GEORGE: "Men don't buy tampons!"
IZZIE: [opens shower door, again] "You know what? You're gonna have to get over the whole man thing, George! We're women! We have vaginas! Get used to it!"
GEORGE: [on the bathtub floor] "I am not your sister!"

IZZIE: [in the bathroom] "Tampons, George, I just really needed some tampons!"
GEORGE: "I forgot when I got there."
IZZIE: [opens shower door] "No, you are so passive aggressive!"
GEORGE: "Naked! I am naked in the shower!"
IZZIE: [closes door] "Just tampons, George! I really needed tampons. God!"

IZZIE: "Here, my share of the grocery money. When are you going?"
GEORGE: "Tonight."
IZZIE: "Okay. Seriously, George. Please don't-"
GEORGE: "Yeah, could we not talk about it here?"
IZZIE: "What? Tampons?"
GEORGE: "Did you not hear a word I said?"
IZZIE: "You're a man, we know."
ALEX: "Talk about shrinking the salamander!"

DEREK: "What are our options?"
ALEX: "Brilliant! The guy's got nails in his head! Let's put him in a giant magnet."

GEORGE: "There needs to be some rules."
MEREDITH: "So, what? So we can around in our underwear on alternate Tuesdays? Or you could see bras, but not panties? Or are you talking Amish rules? Because if you think you're gonna get Izzie to cover herself-"
GEORGE: "The amount of flesh exposed is not the point. You have to do something, it's your house."
MEREDITH: "It's my mother's house."
GEORGE: "Meredith!"
MEREDITH: "Do you like Izzie? Is that was this is about? You have a crush on Izzie?"
GEORGE: "Izzie? No! I don't like Izzie. No! She's not the one I'm attracted to."
MEREDITH: "Not the one. So there's a one?"

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