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Are you guys really sisters or is this kind of like some white stripes deal?

I got a date with my dong and some hotel pornography, the good stuff too, penetration and everything.

I was just putting my thoughts in order when I was rudely interrupted by the ill affects of self-medicating.

Honey, I didn't mean to force moisture from your face.

Sasha: How do I look?
Hank: Good enough to shit on.

Hank: Probably not the best idea for me to get involved with the actress who is going to play the girl that I raped, allegedly.
Sasha: I get what you're saying, but that doesn't mean I don't want one or more of your fingers in my vagina right now.

Eddie: You got me?
Hank: No, you represent everything I hate, but I do find you highly entertaining, continue please.

I'm holding out for Keitel. When in doubt call, in the Bad Lieutenant. Plus the guy loves to show his dong. Gotta love that in a thespian.

Hank: It doesn't have to be this hard Becca
Becca: Shouldn't it be hard? I mean isn't that pretty much what happens after the final straw. It's impossible to make things go back to the way they were.

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