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Harrison: Papa Pope. That's okay, right? I can call you Papa...
Rowan: No.

Harrison: Jake Ballard. Dude could probably kill you with a bendy straw but at the end of the day he's just a normal guy. Put a fork in him.
Huck: Or a needle.

Abby: Are you serious? You're stealing my gun.
Harrison: Borrowing it.
Abby: Harrison, you do not need to act all crazy just because everyone else here is. We are the normal ones. You and me. If we need to borrow a gun, we ask. Also, why do you need it?

Candace: So you're here to babysit me now?
Harrison: If you're good I'll let you stay up past your bedtime.

Who we work for is Liv’s business. I can’t get her to do something she doesn’t want to do. No one can.

Stupid, super spies.

Quinn: Hey, I found her.
Harrison: Grounded!

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Quinn: What about me?
Harrison: Baby Huck it.

[to Olivia] Billy Chambers. Billy Chambers is the mole.

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