I like Deb way more than she likes me.

Kelly: What vices did you have?
Harry: Huge barbecue chicken problem.

Harry: What about the Principal Boxer Shorts nickname?
Annie: You should have worn a robe.
Harry: In my own bedroom?

Harry: How will we pass the time? I've got an idea: sex. Lots of sex. Starting right now.

Debbie: You had sex?
Harry: You made a movie of it?

Annie: Why is life so full of challenges?
Harry: Because it's life.

Harry: (talking about Tracy) Thank you for not stabbing her to death with a pencil.
Debbie: If you had scissors on your desk, it would be a different story.

I feel like I have a son and I haven't been any sort of father to him.

[Harry holds up two shirts to Debbie]
Harry: Sweetheart, which one?
Debbie: Well the green goes better what with I'm wearing, and I want remind Tracy that we go together just in case she gets confused

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