Naked lady, you are trying to seduce me. You should know my heart belongs to Charlie!

This time, I will defeat the brain man.

When destiny calls, you answer the phone!

I must help my friends. It is my duty.

Claire: You don't speak English?
Hiro: (Japanese) Less talking. More watching.

Both: I know what I have to do!
Hiro: (Japanese) I think my mommy can heal my brain! Restore my memory! So I can be a hero!
Claire: (English) I think I can stop the catalyst before they put it in me! I could be a hero!
Both: I don't understand what you're saying.

Every town and city around the world has a place where the wise men gather. The Greek oracle of Delphi. The Library at Alexandria. The Hall of Justice.

Hello? Mr. African Isaac?

Ando: They all look the same to me.
Hiro: That's racist.

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