I want my daughters and my grandson to live their lives the way they want.

Tomorrow night the three amigos vs. the big city - big city look out!

Everybody on my side of the family has big crazy chompers

Vote Archie Rodriguez, an A Rod you can believe in

Ignacio [referring to Claire]: What an amazing woman
Hila: Yeah if you can get past the booze, the pills, the murder
Justin: Why a biography has not been written about that woman, it's criminal
Ignacio: I'd buy it

Ignacio: Dr steve was pretty sure it's just a cough
Dr. Farber: Two week after a quadruple bypass surgery you can never be too careful
Betty: Hilda only spoke to Dr Steve on the phone
Dr. Farber: On the phone. Terrfic. That's how I order Chinese food

Ignacio: You know what I really want I really want a chili dog with fries
Justin: Uh uh. Heart attack or not that's just disgusting

Hilda: It's gonna be like my very own Broadway opening
Ignacio: Yea it's like Spring Awakening, Avenue Q, and South Pacific all rolled in to one
Justin: Grandpa nice
Ignacio: Hey I keep up

Hilda: You gotta take every advantage you get in this life. When I gotta go to the butcher shop, I put on my tightest tank top and thanks to the pointer sister right here, the meat man puts me in the front of the line.. Is that fair? No. So what? Who cares?
Ignacio: Thank you I can never show my face in that butcher shop again

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