Allison: Come on Jack, you have to trust me.
Jack: I know [smiles]

Larry: You have to go down to level Q
Jack: I've never even heard of level Q
Larry: Yeah, it's not a very popular level.

Dr Fong: You realize that I am actualizing a real time interplanetary communications network.
Jack: That's a lot of big words Doctor Fong, but you're playing it loose and easy with safety.

Senator Wen: I would appreciate your help with extra security.
Jack: I would love to, but I am the town sheriff, I have sheriffy things to do.
Senator Wen: That's politician speak for "you have to" the paperwork is already done.

Jack: Should I sit?
Senator Wen: Neah, just stand there and look pretty.

Jack: What have you done with my girlfriend, I've seen the brain scans
Allison (Beverly): I knew I shouldn't kiss you, it was just too tempting
Jack: Oh *was it*?!

Jack: She's not acting like herself
Zane: Because someone hacked your girlfriend.

Jack: Do you have her scan?
Henry: Yeah, with a little help from Zane. It shows there is a radical shift in her CTA, cortex telemetric activity [pause].
Jack: Really??? Do I have to ask?

Henry: That's disconcerting
Jack: It's bad isn't it? What is it? Subdermal hematoma, pheocromacytoma, concussion... Uh, there was a House marathon on last night.

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