Kevin: I needed it, so I took it.
Jack: I'm going to pretended you said "borrow" and we are going to take it back.

Jack: Senator Wen, you have to keep searching.
Senator Wen: Sheriff Carter, you have no idea how hard this decision is for me.
Jack: Then don't make it!

Allison: Were back, but it's only been a few minutes, Andy going a bit overboard with the protocols.
Carter: You've been gone a little longer than that.
Allison: How Long?
Carter: Four years.

Allison: What is that?
Jack: A giant snow ninja.
Jo: And it's heading for Eureka!

At least we are three dimensional again... and made of clay.

can you pick up the pace a little your highness?

Jack: Is that a Snowman-Ninja?
Sninja: Haaaaayaaaa
Jack: I've eaten snow cones tougher than you.

Jack: Why do you look like the tin man?
Andy: Why do you look like Dudley Doright?
Jack: I do... and I have a hat?!?!

Jack: Why don't you sit down and relax?
Allison: Have you met me?

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