Alex: You gave me a serious addiction to candy cigarettes.
Jane: You broke my Bob Dole action figure.

Jane: You use your special skill to save the gym!
Brad: Wait how am supposed to give fourteen consecutive orgasms to a brick building.

Hey Max think I could bum some cereal? Haven't had a carb in four years, feeling nostalgic.

You lightly bite one security guard and they act like you're a criminal!

Penny: You lied to him?
Jane: Ok I did not know he was going to come in like he just shot the sheriff.

Brad: It's going to be an awesome night!
Jane: We're not going to have a three way.
Brad: It's going to be pretty good night...

Max, you do not have disposable income when you owe us $11,000 and three cats.

Anyway you're only as good as your weakest link. I'm talking about Yipsy Kay Ay Mother failure over there.

Alex: Hello Jane.
Jane: Hello Newman.

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