Maura: What if I practice my swing in that cagey thing?
Jane: It's called a batting cage, Maura.

I never pictured an evening in with Rondo.

How is knowing how many ding dongs our suspect ate helpful?

How is a boneless dwarf on a shield a great warrior?

It is so weird watching your mother rebound.

Jane: I saw you eating a contraband donut this morning.
Frost: You wellness snitch.

Please tell me I'm asleep and that was a dream.

I'm going to kill her. That should fulfill the physical activity time for today.

Thank you for playing the annoy the uncaffeinated detective game

Stanley: Arrest me.
Jane: What's the charge? Felony or misdemeanor assholishness?

I'll guess that wasn't sugar that double tall was pouring into five pump minty's FroCap.

Maura: It is so clean in here you could eat off the tables.
Jane: Let's not.