Maura: I don't remember Frankie's apartment being this nice.
Angela: Yeah, this is a different apartment. He moved.

If my name was Cecil, almost anything would be preferable.


Holliday: If Sean had a gun -
Jane: He had a gun.

It's still free.


Drake: Is she always like that?
Maura: Yes. In the very best way possible.

If it was easy, anybody could do it.


I believe in the healing power of crime solving.

Here's to being an adult. It sucks.

When did our crime scene become an improv class?

Maura: I didn't notice but then I was distracted.
Jane: By your reflection in the shiny, shiny plaque.

What is the point of having friends if you can't bitch and complain whenever you want to.

Strange is good. Strange is our friend in a murder investigation.