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So either she's Elasta-girl or Lilly Green didn't kill Toby Warren.

Oh no, Korsak. Maura's named her. Now we'll never be able to give her back.

Any dead bodies lying in the street that are in need of a suspect to go with them?

Barry loved his work. He wouldn't want me to curl up and stop doing mine.

Jane: Did the autopsy smell follow you in here?
Maura: No, but your hormones did.

Maura: Caffeine bad.
Jane: Death worse.

So bigger boobs and no sex. It's a guys worst nightmare.

You may not know this but that one, when he falls he falls hard. So you can't mess with his heart, OK.

Can you just tell me, are you planning on seeing my brother naked?

Here's the pain you can't undo. Paddy is a gangster and you're a liar.

Jane: Hey Hope, what are you doing here?
Hope: It's about Maura.
Jane: What, you need another body part?

Maybe the Rizzolis aren't cut out for marriage.

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