Behold the flames of destiny! Haha.

In my previous state of impairment, I wouldn't have cared or noticed that Grimes's woman - forgive me, not PC, Grimes's significant other - was just taken at gun point.

It's not always easy to trick a mental patient.

Chuck: Happy Holidays, maybe drink some water.
Jeff: Water can only dilute this feeling.
Lester: Plus, fish have sex in it.

We have nip slips...of Chuck.

Jeff: If you love something, let it go. And if it comes back, you can eat it.
Lester: He lives by a strange philosophy of karma and diet.

Lester: Did you feel that?
Jeff: I haven't felt anything in years.

Lester: We're shaping the youth of America!
Jeffrey: I'm not allowed to that anymore.

Jeff: Four abscess, Lester's gout.
Lester: Medical consult for tech in?
Awesome: Yeah, anything for Ellie.

Jeff: Black forest ham on honey oat with chipotle sauce, banana peppers, and jalapenos?
Lester: See? No Buy More employee eats that sophisticated.

Lester: That new Greta just disappeared into thin air.
Jeff: I've seen her do that before. I thought it was just in my head. She also has a tail.
Lester: Yeah, that is in your head.

My life would be a never ending Cialis commercial if I had her.

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Did you just flash during Duck Hunt?"


You're leaving me with home appliances? It's filled with lumpy housewives... my favorite.


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