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Glenn: Looks like the tabloids finally have something other than you to talk about.
Juliette: She's a kid, I'd rather them talk about me.

Juliette: I do, I do trust you, which scares me even more. You have my heart, you're capable of destroying me.
Avery: I would never do that.

Don't do that, I'm not your butterfly of a girlfriend who needs her hand held.

What you're bailing on the party? Great that's one less person's feelings I have to tiptoe around all night.

I wish I'd known that my Highway 65 signing bonus was a gag order.

As far as I'm concerned, you are my best offer.

The best part is, Jeff Fordham has to publicly dine on a big fat plate of chicken fried crow.

It turns out I hate being invisible more than I hate being alone.

Juliette: I'm quittin everything.
Emily: Before everyone quits you?

It's not fun being Juliette Barnes anymore.

I may have just burnt the house down but I made damn sure you were in it when I lit the match.

Juliette: I’m not gonna lie.
Jeff: You are a lie. An uneducated, mildly talented lie and you know it.

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Nashville Quotes

Rayna: What happened to you?
Teddy: I took your father's advice, and I grew a pair.

I love you, I'm all in babe.

Rayna [to Luke]