No more wookie calls.

Castle: She's still not taking my calls.
Beckett: Can you blame her Castle, you practically turned her into a smurf.

A person of interest, emphasis on the word person.

Castle: Did you see how that gorilla looked at me?
Beckett: I think it was lust actually Castle. You are ruggedly handsome.

Unless the body you are looking at is dead, I suggest you put down the binoculars.

Beckett: Do you want to grab a bite to eat?
Castle: Actually, it's not food I'm craving.

Evil spirits don't kill. People do.

That's so sweet. You want me to outlive you?

Castle: I hate to say it.
Beckett: Then don't

Please don't do anything like that without me again.

My partner's daughter is missing and you're in my way!

Castle: Gates can see.
Beckett: I don't care.

Castle Quotes

Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.


Where I come from, it's rude to point a gun at a man.

Rick Castle