Kyle: Those contorting Romanian chicks rule.
Cartman: Yeah, especially that second one from the left. She was fine!
Kyle: Cartman, what the hell are you talking about?! They're identical!
Cartman: Not that second one from the left, she had it goin' on!

Stan: Oh my goodness, you killed Kenny.
Kyle: (indifferently) Bastard.

(After taking the Ritalin antidote)
Stan: Wait a minute! Phil Collins sucks ass!
Kyle: Yeah! what the hell were we thinking? Boooooo!

Cartman: You know what you guys: we should go to the concert anyways, and see Phil Collins.
Kyle: Yeah, I think Phil Collins rocks the house.

Sheila: Kyle was always running around, screaming, like he was a little eight-year-old.
Kyle: But I am eight.

Stan: Oh my God, we killed Kenny.
Kyle: We killed Kenny?
Stan: Yep, we killed Kenny. We're bastards.

Kyle: We won! We won!
Butters: Yeah. Why we sure gave those skanky bitches what for.

Clyde: I'm not fat you guys, I'm just kinda big boned.
Kyle: That's what they all say!

Cartman: Hey you guys.
Kyle: Hey, fatass. How's prison?
Cartman: Well, it sucks balls. Whattaya think?
Stan: Cartman, why the hell did you have to commit a hate crime?! We're gonna lose to girls because of you!
Kyle: Yeah! So you gotta bust out of here. So, we made you this cake. There's an ail-nay ile-fay inside of it.
Cartman: What's that?
Kyle: Listen, aggot-fay. An ail-nay ile-fay so you can eak-bray out of ison-pray.
Stan: Yeah, you stupid umbass-day!
Cartman: I'd love to eat a cake, you guys, but they don't let us take anything back to the cells from here.
Kyle: They on't-day?! Why the ell-hay ot-nay?! It ook-tay our-fay ours-hay to ake-bay this oddamned-gay ake-cay, and ow-nay we're otally-tay ewed-scray!

Kyle: We won again!
Token: That's not fair! Cartman's ass is so fat, he makes your sled go faster!
Cartman: Hey! Don't call me fat, Token!

Token's dad: You boys have to go explain to the govenor why we should disban hate crime laws.
Kyle: Why can't you do it?
Token's dad: Because he won't listen to me.
Stan: Why not?
Token's dad: Because I'm black.

Kyle: What about Dan Rather? Do you think he's real?
Cartman: No, man, that's just a TV show.

South Park Quotes

James Cameron doesn't do what James Cameron does for James Cameron. James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is James Cameron!

James Cameron

Romper Stomper: There's two kinds of kids, kids who like Animaniacs and kids who don't like Animaniacs, so which one are you?
Cartman: Well, personally, I ...don't like Animaniacs?
Romper Stomper: Neither do we!