One day he's worried about his English paper, and the next he's putting on a uniform and saving the world.

Clark: It's like you find out this secret and it colors everything. I just can't believe I never saw it before.
Lana: Sometimes the right person can be right in front of your eyes and you never even know it.

Lana: I felt I had to choose between doing the right thing and being successful. Weird part is, I kind of enjoyed being underhanded.
Clark: Lana Lang, seduced by the dark side? Who woulda thunk?

Lana: Yeah, that's the last step before I institute topless waitressing.
Pete: Well, here's to hoping it fails miserably.

Lana: And then he had the nerve to say "It's nothing personal, only business."
Clark: Why does everyone over 40 have to quote The Godfather?

Lana: That's too bad. I think you'd make a great class president.
Clark: Really?
Lana: Yeah. You're honest. People trust you. And you have this innate sense of justice. I can see it on your face how upset you get every time you think somebody's being mistreated.
Clark: You see all that in me?
Lana: Yes I do.

Clark: I believe in my friends and their dreams.
Lana: What if their dreams come crashing down around them?
Clark: Nothing's crashing down around you, Lana - not while I'm here.

Lana: You like it?
Clark: Uh, I think the operative word is "gulp".

I know you want me, Clark. Stop holding back. Come on, you're not made of steel... or are you?

Lana: You think too much, Clark.
Clark: Right now I'm thinking this doesn't seem like you.
Lana: Or maybe... (undresses) ...I'm more me than ever.

Lana: I just wish I could remember what happened. Sounds like I got a little out of control there.
Clark: You spoke your mind and you did what you wanted. Kind of an alpha Lana.
Lana: I couldn't believe what I was wearing.
Clark: I kinda liked it.

If life doesn't make you crazy, then why bother living it? I know that's how I want it. The question is, do you want what I want?

Smallville Quotes

Lois: You've got to be kidding me. Little Mermaid, I dated your prince for like a day.
Mera: It's understandable that you would seek a superior companion. I'm just surprised that powerful men would choose someone with lesser ability.
Lois: Listen squid lips, you don't know anything about me or Clark.

Chloe: The true test of believing is someone knowing their lies are there to protect you.
Chloe: It's not really trust if you have to ask people to explain themselves.