Greg: They should start selling them in every gift shop in New York City.
Larry: Yeah, I don't think Jews would like that.
Greg: Get a life Jews!

He started a war. He didn't really care for Jews. He thought they were a bit much.

That's a remarkably idiotic thing that you just said but you know, the fact that you're wearing glasses, I perceive it as a little less idiotic than I normally would.

Hopefully there's an afterlife. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Larry: I saw this commercial last night, and Michael Jordan had a Hitler moustache.
Buckner: Yeah I saw that. He's the first one to wear that since Hitler. Isn't he?

I like to munch and pee.

Business Manager: You can't judge me because I have a beautiful wife.
Larry: Uhhhh, I think I can.

I didn't beat him. The one-armed man did it!

I took over for a one-armed man. There was a one-armed man playing him.

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