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Hey bro, there is no music in the world that will match what your body is doing.

Stupid Canadian kids and their holes!

Andy: Great, they're grossed out by the thought of us naked.
Ellie: Not us my friend.
Laurie: [Laughing]

Laurie: Ellie, I saw Andy's feet...I'm so sorry.
Ellie: No one understands.

Ellie: I miss being a ho.
Laurie: You want back in? Because we'll take you back.

What I really meant was lose my number, Frodo.

I'm gonna have to throw my "too creepy" flag!

No one who says "coolie" is cool. That's why Coolio is named Coolio.

Ellie: It's for the lady who likes to lounge by the pool, but also get paid for sex.
Laurie: You can do that? Is that a job?

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