How can a whole group have the same idea? What, do they say it all at once? That's ludicrous.

Oh, and also, he murdered and ate his family.

Mac: I don’t think you were there.
Cricket: I was there Mac, my whole face burned off, I was there.

He needs to be absolved so he can go crazy again.

Be the caboose.

Frank: So, what could we talk about?
Mac: A Creatin shit!

He's engaging you physically.

Oh sorry, let me explain. We're doing a Wade Boggs type thing, and that makes me sort of the Bud Selig of the group.

Charlie: It's a Wade Boggs style! Give me another one!
Mac: You know, that's the only ball I have. And I didn't really expect you to hit one.

Mac: There's a secret hatch on the airplane that allows me to travel anywhere.
Charlie: Yeah, everybody knows that.

Wade Boggs is alive! He's in Tampa, Florida. He's in his early fifties.

We're trying to do a Wade Boggs type thing.