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This is Thierry Vanchure, mean ass horn player, lover of fiesty women, witch, vampire, and human alike. I rebuilt this city with him and he always had my back even when I screwed up and forgot to have his, and now all I can do is promise you this, T. I won't let you die in vain. I will take back our city, even if I have to burn it down first.

[to Diego] A good leader knows when he's gotta fight another day. Now that day's here. I'm ready. You gonna fight with me?

Marcel: They're half turned against each other already. A thousand years of family drama, pride, guilt, envy, all built up like a powder keg. All you have to do is light a match.
Thierry: And where are we going to find a match?

[to Thierry] You said I had nothing. You were wrong. I have the same thing I had when I rebuilt the city from the ashes the first time. Everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Cami: Not that that wasn't totally worth it, but it can never happen again.
Marcel: What if one of us craves another julep?

Cami: I'm tired of being alone.
Marcel: I am too.

Cami: Kieran's the only family I have left. Without him I'm alone.
Marcel: Yeah, I'm a little short on family myself these days.

Marcel: I think you're here 'cause you don't want to leave your home. I sure as Hell don't want to leave mine. A battle is brewing, T. While everyone's busy choosing sides, I'm going to find a way to take back our city. So, you with me?
Thierry: You were always great with words, Marcel. But it's going to take more than a pretty speech this time.

Marcel: I want you and all the guys who walked out on Klaus to join me.
Thierry: Rounding up an army?
Marcel: Can't take back the city without one.

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