The six of us together couldn't stop Samuel and he only had one demon in him, Eben has six!

Adam: Things will get better, I promise.
Melissa: When? I thought having magic was supposed to be magical.

You're a master elder with a badass cloaking spell and you use it to hide your girly mags?

I guess my taste in guys has hit a new low I never imagined possible.

John: Very creative, like your mother.
Melissa: I didn't realize you knew her that well.
John: Oh yeah, we spent hours in these woods and she showed me all the plants medicinal properties. You meant the world to her.

You just ran away from a guy who looks like someone you win in a raffle!

If I has as much power as you think I do, do you really want to test it?

Melissa: Kinda creepy Callum.
Callum: Maid's night off.

Melissa: Faye, I just told you Cassie dug up her father's grave.
Faye: Of course she did, because she's a creepy little Stepford ghoul with dark magic and daddy issues.

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