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Claudia Joy, I am leader of the 23rd airborne. A leader stays in front of his troops. You know that. We can celebrate tomorrow.

Michael: I know what you did.
Chandler: Then I owe you an apology.
Michael: Save it. You took advantage of my wife in a vulnerable moment. You disrespected her. You disrespected our marriage. You disrespected me. And unlike Claudia Joy, I don't believe for a second you wouldn't do it again if you had the chance. Now I trust my wife, but I don't trust you. Try it again, and next time you won't see me comin.'

Claudia Joy: So what are you gonna do today?
Michael: I'm going to go to the office for half a day. Then I think I'll have a beer and watch the game.
Claudia Joy: What game?
Michael: No idea. What season is it? Baseball? Basketball?

Max, put away the spreadsheets and the Power Points and look at what's going on out there. You really think the Afghan army is ready to stand on it's own? With the time lines were facing? Our soldiers don't believe it, and I don't either. And, I'm concerned about morale for the long term.

General Holden

Trevor: Sir, the Afgan army isn't ready. Specialist Sherwood was killed because we relied heavily on the Afghans to step up and they froze.
General Holden: Specialist Sherwood was killed in combat, Sergeant, which by its very nature is chaotic and unforgiving.

In keeping with our overall strategy, for the first time Afghan National Army units will take the lead, with American forces in support. This is why we're here gentlemen. This is their country, and I appreciate all you've done to get them ready. Now it's their turn to show us what they can do. Colonel Sherwood and I will be in the field with your, and I am confident of our success.

General Holden

Michael: Should we be insulted that she's so happy to leave home?
Claudia Joy: Michael, it's the natural order of things for kids to want to be as far away from their parents as possible.

The fastest way to lose her is to forbid this. It's also the fastest way to heat it up.

He's over there risking his life ... you know how I feel about this.

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