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Nikita: Let the prince go.
Michael: I'm not going to do that.
Nikita: Some prince, huh?

Nikita: NYPD, do you copy?
Michael: Hello, Nikita.

Percy: Agents are down, and Nikita's in there.
Michael: Of course she is.

Alex: Is it Nikita-proofed?
Michael: Almost. She has a way of corrupting things from the inside. Like cancer.

Alex: You make it sound like you're my guardian angel.
Michael: In this op, I am.

Michael: What are you the CIA?
Percy: Ugh, nothing that obvious.

Kaseem: What drives you Michael?
Michael: The thought that one day I'll get to kill you.

They'll never be another woman for me, you know that right? Unless she's really hot.

Nikita: I'm the better shot.
Michael: I knew you'd gone rogue, I didn't know you'd gone delusional.

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