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It's just a story an 8 year old tells to avoid that fact that his parents didn't love him.

Might I point out she was the first to open the box. It was gone, and so was she.

Neal: She wasn't Irish.
Mozzie: She was a cop, close enough.

No man is an island.

Good partnerships are hard to find.

Neal: What is the game?
Mozzie: No idea, but I am very good at it.

That wasn't an omen.

Mozzie [to Peter]Why did you just defile a nursery rhyme?

Viva Healthcare!

Neal: Regardless of what the committee decides. This is my home now.
Mozzie: And I am right beside you.

Mozzie: How did it go?
June: I nailed it!

Mozzie: Where are you going?
Neal: To open a door I didn't want to have to open.

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White Collar Quotes

Often the things we try to hide are most obvious to the people around us.

Vincent Adler [to Neal]

Mozzie: Too Ringo?
Neal: Too Bieber.

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