White Collar

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White collar
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Fresh air, the anecdote to sentimental dribble.

Whoever said the customer is always right never met the customer. Am I right?

Where's the key, Quantico?

I'm from PANEO---People of the awareness of near earth objects.

I'm going to miss my eyebrows...and my bangs.

Mozzie: It's like riding a horse.
Neal: You're allergic to horses.
Mozzie: Even still....

Great, I brought a cork screw to a gun fight...

Our unholy union is the only thing keeping Neal from ending up in green point

So I made a tremendous mistake?

Well it does help me avoid an uncomfortable conversation.

Mozzie: I'm tresspssing! Exigent circumstances!
Peter: I love how you think that law is a loophole!

I don't think he's happy with us.

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