White Collar

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White collar
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Mozzie: Get a room!
Sara: We are in a room
Neal: My room!
Mozzie: That was cold!

Neal: Where's Diana's briefcase?
Mozzie: She took it back to the She-gal nest.

Mozzie: Fooled, by Ms. Lady Suit.
Neal: No, Dr. Lady Suit.

Mozzie: Come on, really?
Neal: You wanna try Bob Villa or what?

Choose well. Very soon we are going to be on an airplane to a different life.

Mozzie [to Neal about his new alias]

Oh, sweet Elvis Costello, it's your Chrysler painting!

Think of it as a Kardashian. What it lacks in refinement it makes up for in cargo space.

Mozzie [about the plane]

To our best and final score.

Neal: You didn't tell me.
Mozzie: Plausible deniability is all.

Peter Burke, you are now eligible to commit crime.

He just disappears... like a German Dave Chappelle.

Neal: I guess I was holding out hope that she was still alive.
Mozzie: Are you willing to give that up for the suit?
Neal [about the ring]: Giving this for Peter's life is more important than holding a candle for someone who isn't.

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