Silver: I'd ease up on the lip gloss a little bit.
Naomi: Oh, be quiet, I look fantastic.

I saw him kissing that barefoot surfer chick. Apparently, he likes the smell of BO.

I lost the person I love most in this world. Now, all I have left is a horse.

Did you see that shirt Ivy is wearing? I wouldn't use that shirt as a rag to scrub my own bathtub.

What Silver needs are friends she can rely on, and clearly that's not you.

Silver: Is it bad we left the Shiva?
Naomi: They covered all those mirrors, which was just rude.

Watching that movie on industrial meat production just gave me a craving for Kobe sliders.

Naomi: You stole me away from your roommate.
Jaime: At least that was based on something honest.

I am here to rescue your little news broadcast thingy... I'll give people sex advice!

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