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Cate: She made it
Baze: So did we.

Jack: Thank you for not saying anything.
Baze: I did it for mom. Not you.

Baze: How long did it last?
Emma: What?
Baze: The affair with me dad. How long did it last?
Emma: Four years.

(to his dad) I don't want to talk especially to you. I want to find this guy and beat his head in.


(to Lux) Don't worry kiddo, one way or another the truth about this guy is finally coming out.


(to his dad) Emma's helping me. You're the one that made me choose, remember? She's my family now.


(about Paige) Golly its like picking up the droppings of a playboy bunny.


Just think of it like a good deed. Like when you donate hair or hang out with old people. Makes you feel good inside.


Emma: I think I'm falling in love with you.
Baze: I think I am too. With you. Not me. That would be weird. Falling in love with myself.

(to Emma) I'm not jealous okay, and apparently I'm not even your boyfriend.


Baze: I can't Emma and I decided to get tapas.
Jamie: I'm going to pretend for the sake of your manhood you said topless.

Math: Tell me you didn't bring a date.
Ryan: No, I brought a chaperon to take Ryan's spot. You're welcome.

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Life Unexpected Quotes

My dad said to do what I love and I love to drink for free.


You both can't be parents, you both need parents!