Seeing you happy, that means everything to me.

Lila: Guess who.
Navid: Hilary Clinton.
Lila: Close.
Navid: Tila Tequila.
Lila: Closer.

Shouldn't you be sharing shopping tips with Lady GaGa about now?

Lila, you should know that my loyalty lies with you... will you give me another another chance?

I may not look like a bruiser, but I can bruise if need be.

I'm pretty confident with my skills, you know, between the sheets!

Navid: Did I make Adrianna gay?
Gia [laughing]: No, that's not really how it works.

Liam: Suspended from school? Sounds more like a vacation.
Navid: You ever face disappointed Persian parents? My own mother said I urinated on the legacy of my ancestors.

Navid: Just like the poster says: I'm not a rat. I'm a hero.
Liam: You're an idiot.

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