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Prince: I have no anesthetic.
Nikita: It's ok I've had worse.
Prince: From doctors or other men?

When I was at Division... well, I never got one of those merits, but I heard they suck.

Prince: Who are they? Who are you?
Nikita: Intros later. Now run.

Fletcher: You were right.
Nikita: That usually happens; and it usually gets me in trouble.

Birkhoff: Percy trusts me.
Nikita: But will he trust you when you come back with another microchip in your tooth; or teeth? You have 5 minutes to decide, or prepare for oral surgery.

Alex: I got invited to a party. I thought it'd be good to go. For my cover.
Nikita: For your cover? That's what I used to say in the beginning.

Nikita: She wants you dude, congrats.
Fletcher: You're alive.
Nikita: You know, I never get tired of hearing that.

When you kill someone, they never die. You see their face everyday.


Percy: Even with all of the trouble you've caused, it still feels good to see you back where you belong.
Nikita: I never belonged here.
Percy: You were born here.

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