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Moira Queen, you have failed this city.

Diggle: Oliver, if this were anybody else you'd be hooded up right now on your way to have an Arrow side chat with them.
Oliver: This isn't anybody else. This is my mother, and I know her.

I've been researching some of those people online and....they're not good people.

Felicity: If it's an energy drink, why is it in a syringe?
Oliver: I ran out of sports bottles.

Diggle: Woah. That's a neat trick. You gonna teach me that someday?
Oliver: No.

Diggle: Find what you're looking for?
Oliver: Took down three Vertigo pushers tonight, Diggle. Last one finally knew a name. The Count.
Diggle: The Count. That's worse than The Hood.

Whoever you fear, fear me more!

I could be wrong. The list isn't.

You'd be surprised the power revenge can give you.

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