Owen: I came back in one piece. I have both arms, both legs. Lots of other guys came back with real injuries. The worst I have is a couple of night mares or freezing for a moment.
Derek: Is that what happened last night? You had a freezing moment? If you want, I can help.
Owen: Yeah, I'm not the one who needs help around here. I'm not the one who cut out half a woman's brain and ran off to hide. I'm not the one who half this hospital is talking about behind their backs. So maybe you should spend a little less time worrying about me, and you know just take a look in the mirror. Alright.

Derek: You know they're doing tests that show faltered brain anatomy in patients with PTSD. They're actually getting close to understanding the physical side of the psychological trauma. It's amazing what you can see with an MRI.
Owen: What did Meredith tell you about last night? What did she say?
Derek: Post traumatic stress is a real injury Owen. It can be healed. There are resources, MED centres, therapy. You shouldn't try an handle this on your own.

Owen: I am so sorry. I don't know what I'm, I'm... I don't know... I'm sorry.
Cristina: Look at me.
Owen: I'm sorry.
Cristina: Look at me. I'm fine. See? It's ok, you were asleep. It's ok. Ok? It's ok.
Owen: I'm sorry. (cries)
Cristina: It's ok. It's ok. I know. It's ok. You were asleep. It's ok. Ok? It's ok.

Meredith: It's me. Cristina! What's going on? Owen's out there upset. Callie was screaming. She said...
Cristina: I'm fine. I'm... I'm fine.
Meredith: OH MY GOD! Your neck. I will kill him! He's...
Cristina: No, no, no. It was a nightmare. He had a nightmare.
Owen: Cristina, please. Is she alright? Meredith, I just need to know that she's alright.
Meredith: No, no, no, no, no, no. Cristina, no!

Callie: Is everything okay? Cristina? OWEN!
Owen: .... what... what... what....

This is how you unwind? By watching two hours straight of advanced carotid endarterectomies? Cristina?

Richard: What the hell is this? Oh this is not ok, I have a hospital to run. And Derek, what the hells the matter with you man? We've all been there.
Callie: We said that.
Richard: We've all had tough losses.
Owen: He knows that.
Richard: We show up the next day, and we try and save the next life.
Callie: Yeah we covered that too.
Richard: Ok, what about this? Nothing we do can stop death. We can hold it at bay every now and then, but everyone dies. And that's not on us.
Derek: I took a pregnant woman in for a simple surgery, and I botched it. That is on me. I should feel badly about that. And you, you should feel badly that while I was out here, you sent Meredith out here expecting a ring. Why would you do that? Why in gods name, would you do that?
Richard: I was trying to help. She didn't wanna come. She wanted to leave you out here alone, I was trying to help Derek.
Derek: You were trying to help yourself. Not me. Yourself! I hit the ring in the woods. In the woods. You destroyed me.

Owen: What I... what my point was, I kept, you know I... I went back. I showed up. I showed up for work, you know.
Derek: You get dead inside. You get dead inside because if you actually felt it. If you let yourself feel that. No way you're going back. No way.

Owen: I was a second year resident, NBC rolls in. Parents were in the front seat. Three kids in the back. Kids were okay, Mom and Dad were a little banged up but nothing terrible. They were talking, laughing in the ER. Turns out both parents had massive internal injuries. I operated on them both that night, hours. I lost them both. Now if I'd moved faster, if I'd rushed them to CT. If I'd known how bad off they were sooner... but I didn't. The eldest kid was 9. When I came out to tell them about their Dad, he was trying to console the 3 year old and the 5 year old about their Mother. I'll never get that image out of my head. This, this 9 year old boy trying to hold these two little ones. His arms just not big enough. I don't know how I came back the next day. I think part of me never did.
Derek: I'm surprised you didn't talk about Iraq.
Owen: I don't talk about Iraq.

Owen: Did you page me Dr. Bailey?
Miranda: Oh, yes, you finished with your part of the face transplant right?
Owen: Yup, but I cleared my schedule to watch Sloan and Dr. Yang do their surgery so whatever it is you need I hope it's not too time consuming
Miranda: That depends on how fast you can drive.... and talk.
Owen: I'm sorry?
Miranda: I need you to drive to the woods and talk Derek Shepherd into coming back here, and I believe you might also run into Callie Torres.
Owen: (stares blankly)
Miranda: ... with a flat tire, or a broken heal, or an axe wielding serial killer.
Owen: You serious?

Owen: What are you doing?
Cristina: Assigning myself to a trauma with you tomorrow.
Owen: Cristina.
Cristina: You know, I'm a big girl. I can handle my share of trauma, and I get to decide when I've had enough. It's gonna take a lot more than a bad dream to scare me off.
Owen: It's more than a bad dream.
Cristina: I know.

Meredith: There you are. What happened to you?
Cristina: I tripped and fell. It's fine.
Owen: No, it's not!
Cristina: It's nothing. It was an accident. What's wrong with you?
Meredith: Ah, Derek won't get off the couch.
Cristina: SO the weaker sex!

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Meredith: You're me.
Amelia: What?
Meredith: You're me before Derek. I can be here for you. I can do this. I get you. I can be a twisted sister for you. Just tell me how do you want to play this?

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)