Let go of the knife, James. You can kill yourself later.

I don't truly believe anything.

Let's get a stick and go and poke this 900lbs. gorilla. See what happens.

Stiles: I've got to get back to running my religion.
Jane: Yes, your flock won't fleece itself.

Bret Stiles. The brain washer and chief.

Liar, liar pants on fire.

Erica: These days I don't get to spend much time alone with charming men.
Jane: There's a reason for that, so you don't kill them.
Erica: We all have our baggage.

Lisbon: She's a convicted murderer.
Jane: A convicted manslaughterer, actually.

You look good. Orange suits you.

I expect a friends and family discount on your usual fee.

Jane: What I want is a little smile.
Lisbon: Well, you can't have everything.

To whom much is given, much is expected.

The Mentalist Quotes

Is this guy for real?


Three hours of brooding silence and then sarcasm. Its like we're married.

Cho [to Rigsby]