The Mentalist

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The mentalist
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Jane: Do you think I'm an anti-social personality.
Lisbon: Yeah, sure. Who isn't?

See you're normal. That man has the conscience of a mollusk.

You'll be fine. Just don't be yourself.

I love it Lisbon. The beautiful soul defense.

it's only the mayor's life at stake. Forget I spoke.

Lisbon: OK, you know what. You're a wicked charlatan and you're going to hell.
Jane: That's more like it. I'll save you a seat by the fire.

I didn't give her hope. I sold her hope.

I was thinking love is strange and I was thinking about a sandwich.

Nobody wants a gloomy psychic.

Deak: And you should have gone to jail you miserable sleazebag.
Jane: Well, nice to meet you too.

Lisbon: I could kill you with my bare hands.
Jane: Well, it's not the first time.

Marcus Kuzmenko, more of a gentle lover or a brute?

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As they say, you can take the girl out of Chicago but you can't take the Chicago out of the girl.


I love Lisbon and I'm taking you to the real police and they're going to lock you up for the rest of your life.