Hunting monsters changes you.

Red John had a particular style that people wanted to copy, not unlike Elvis.

The closest a man should come to touching a fitted sweater is helping a woman out of one.

Jane: Are we sleeping together?
Lisbon: Excuse me?

Toby: We all loved him like a brother.
Jane: You've heard of Kane and Abel, right?

Cho: He found the victim seconds after his throat was cut.
Jane: That's got to be the worst bachelor party ever.

Well, if you'll excuse me I have your funeral to go to.

Really, really, dead. Wicked witch of the West dead.

This particular couch is very comfortable on the first sit but after a time, it's going to give your back a lot of grief.

Your the man nobody wants to look like so I'm guessing your Mr. Vega.

Jane: You look marginally rested.
Lisbon: I was hoping to actually get to REM sleep tonight.

What did they do? Hold your shoes hostage.

The Mentalist Quotes

Belinda Bittaker: You can sneer at me all you'd like.
Patrick Jane: I will, thank you.

Jane: The point is there's a coded message here.
Cho: Or doodles.