What, justice isn't our problem?

There's my gut too but I wouldn't think you'd take that very seriously.

Why do you keep a conniving back stabber around? You really think you can trust him?

Cho: They brought in hookers for entertainment.
Jane: Good, wholesome fun.

It's beautiful out here although they could use a little more signage.

Hunting monsters changes you.

Red John had a particular style that people wanted to copy, not unlike Elvis.

The closest a man should come to touching a fitted sweater is helping a woman out of one.

Jane: Are we sleeping together?
Lisbon: Excuse me?

Toby: We all loved him like a brother.
Jane: You've heard of Kane and Abel, right?

Cho: He found the victim seconds after his throat was cut.
Jane: That's got to be the worst bachelor party ever.

Well, if you'll excuse me I have your funeral to go to.

The Mentalist Quotes

As they say, you can take the girl out of Chicago but you can't take the Chicago out of the girl.


Love is in the air, Lisbon.