Jane: Cheer up -
Lisbon: Why?
Jane: Because it's better to be happy than to be sad.

Bad tasting food, bad taste buds.

(pointing to a red car) This color represents passion, love, lust.

Oh stop, self pity will kill you - take it from someone who knows.

When sharks stop swimming they drowned, right?

Unless you are very cunning and you are working a double bluff - no I didn't think so.

I just love the smell of a new car.

Lisbon: So what's the deal, I thought you would be the most comfortable in front of cameras.
Jane: The last time I was in front of cameras things didn't turn out so well.

Lisbon: Why do you so dislike being filmed?
Jane: Because you are stealing my soul.

Mayor: Please call me Melba.
Jane: Like the toast?

Keep it in the dojo Phil.

School would be so much more fun if they started the day of with this instead of the Pledge of the Allegiance.

The Mentalist Quotes

Jane: The point is there's a coded message here.
Cho: Or doodles.

Krystal: Oh, you're trouble.
Jane: Harmless as a fly.