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The mentalist

One of you here is Red John.

You have no idea what you've meant to me. What you mean to me.

You're the most honest person I know. You would never lie, not about something like this.

Jane: After close 20 years working in law enforcement you're just changing your mind?
Lisbon: About Red John, yes.

I'm not sure who I can trust. I'm not even sure I can trust you.

Lisbon: Jane, you do this and you're throwing your life away.
Jane: Bye Lisbon.

People always say that about the dead. Seldom is it true.

Hightower: Next time I hear from you you better be telling me Red John is dead.
Jane: Deal.

Lisbon: We can't lie.
Jane: We do it all the time.

Would the world really miss him if something happened?

All of these men are very bad, they just don't happen to be Red John.

If I wanted to kill Benjamin Marx I would have done it the first time.

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Who knows how a homicidal maniac thinks?


Jane: The point is there's a coded message here.
Cho: Or doodles.

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