Pete: Imagine a world where your friends don't exist... Who would we hang out with?
Penny: Rachel McAdams? Zoe Saldana?

That is cold blooded Leblonde Jane.

Penny: Oh my God, Oh my God I'm gonna die.
Alex: Me too! I mean we all are, but why are we talking about that now, it's sad.

What would Kerry Washington do in Scandal? Demand to see the President and then almost make out with him.

He said I broke the glass ceiling. That's right, I'll climb that corporate ladder in a skirt and I don't care who looks up it because I keep my yard tidy!

What's gonna be open on Christmas? A gas station, drug store, Israel?

Spin class or chemistry class? It's like Breaking Bad in here, sit down let's cook!

Pete I'm pregnant! I'm not but I could be! we could sell it and live off the money.

This helmet wasn't just protecting my head, it was protecting my heart.

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