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I would have guessed 1508. What's your secret? Oil of Olay?

Not so fast Emperor Palpatine!

Pete: Grip strength is the first muscle to go.
Myka: Oh, I know how important that is to you.

Pete: Okay wait a minute he dumped you? Why would anyone do that? I mean look at you: looks, brains, taste, a deep knowledge of guns and blowing things up. What's not to love?
Myka: Do you need us to hate him? Because we can hate him.

You're not crazy we are.

HG: Briggs is mine.
Pete: Hey, no killing! Myka will be super pissed.

Claudia: Are you ok?
Pete: I got dirt in places where dirt should never be.

Pepper, so good in burritos so bad in the eyes.

Pete: Holy ganja Batman.
Claudia: Ah, the blue glow was for the grow lights.

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