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Myka: So why didn't the wishing work?
Pete: I've been thinking about that too. Maybe the dog tags just work on people that you love right? Judy's grandpa used it on his army buddy. Judy used it on Mike. I used it on..... do I have a booger?
Myka: No, no, no, no. You just admitted you love me.
Pete: I also love fajitas, cage fighting and bald women. I mean Sinead O'Connor.

That's not hockey. That's pole vaulting.

Throw in some deadly marbles and Harry Potter becomes Full Metal Jacket.

Brady: Tillman is competitive, especially this week because of the I.M.T.s.
Pete: Oh right. The I.M.T.s . The international monkey....
Hugo: Interschool Multi-discipline Tournament.
Hugo: Like Hogwarts.
Pete: Oh right!

Leena, a half-hour power shower is a sacred thing.

Myka: I'm gonna check his browser history.
Pete: Oh, look at you going all Claudia.

I feel like Helen Hunt in Twister!

Homeowner: What are you, like, The Men in Black?
Pete: Yeah, yeah we kinda are.

Mykes, you better get here quick I've been whammy-d!

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