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Huh, that's new.

Myka: Why did you come in here all guns a blazing?
Pete: It's an escaped H.G. Wells Mykes what if she was having one of her "lets end the world" days.

Dickens is solid, saved my bacon.

Myka: Let's check out Lover's Lane.
Pete: Okay, but I only go to third base.

You don't talk to the living dead. You either run really fast or shoot them in the head and watch their head go pop.

Myka: Say it.
Pete: Fine, you were right, zapping her should have been Plan A.

Pete: Whoa.
Myka: Yeah, even I'm getting a bad vibe.

Ah, lets see who Stukowski has on her Evil Friends and Family Plan.

Pete: Hey, Big Brother's watching.
Claudia: Yes, yes, and so can Little Sister.

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