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Sheesh... I guess it's true what they say about the sync-up.

Britta: I still thing that man is going to evolve into woman, not a dragon monster with three legs.
Pierce: Three legs?

Tell me how to get this laid-back, or I'll kill your families!

I'm gonna slit your butts' throats.

Annie: Can we stop walking in slo-mo now?
Pierce: You guys are walking in slo-mo?

You gain levels, and at a certain point you actually CAN eat a ghost.

Did you know there's an island in Indonesia where you can hunt people?

Troy: I'm just sharing what you say.
Pierce: Yeah? Well, what if I share all the stuff you say? He thinks all dogs are boys and all cats are girls.
Troy: There's no way to disprove that. Have you ever seen a cat penis?

Anthropology? Why study my ancient ancestors when we can just study the primitive races like Eskimos or Italians.

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