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Wood: He screwed your daughter?
Raylan: My daughter's in diapers.
Wood: Damn. That must be awfully upsetting then, huh?

Raylan: You got a card or something?
Allison: Card? I though finding people is what Marshals do.

Raylan: You can come back here. We'll take you in. Or swim to Cuba.
Greg: That old lady just did it. It might work out for you.

Greg: I've heard a lot about you.
Raylan: Nothing good I trust.
Greg: All interesting.

Art: Think of it as a family trip.
Raylan: The Crowes are a terrible family.

You lost. Give up. Go home.

Did you not wake up this morning thinking this was another opportunity to mess up some bad guy's day? I did.

Winona, I don't know shit about girls.

Rachel: What happened?
Raylan: What happened is Bob's a tough son of a bitch.

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