Sometimes it's the people we think we know best that we don't really know at all.

I was in Thailand getting shot at with Chuck Norris?

Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.

Good thing I'm not a one hit wonder.

Sword?? That is so Game of Thrones.

She's the best.

Castle (about Beckett)

It's a vlog! A video blog!

Castle: She's proud of you. Wherever she is. She's proud.
Beckett: I never could have done this without you.

You? Skepticus Maximus?

On the bright side, at least I'm not crazy.

Kate Beckett: LT is going to drive you home.
Rick Castle: And if I refuse?
Kate Beckett: Then he'll drive you home in handcuffs.
Rick Castle: Just for the record, extremely bitter.

Castle: Thanks for saving my life.
Beckett: Ah, I was just trying to avoid paperwork.

Castle Quotes

Rick Castle: That thing in the shower. That is delightful.
Kate Beckett: That is not a routine. That's two naked people singing when there's no one around to see or hear it.

Button up kitten because we're going home.